Prof(Dr). E S Rajendran

MD(Hom) PhD

Prof (Dr) Rajendran is an internationally renowned clinician, teacher and scientist. He belongs to the first batch of MD in Homeopathy in India and one of the first PhD holders in the world, in homeopathic medicine. He has an academic experience and clinical practice spanning over 30 years. He travels around the world for teaching the finest practice of Homeopathy and is considered as one of the best authorities of Homeopathy in the world.

Prof (Dr) Rajendran is a well-known author. He has written three books 1) New Lights – Lectures on Homeopathy and Philosophy 2) The Nucleus – Lectures on chronic diseases and miasms 3) Nanodynamics – Nanoscience, Homeopathy, Physical sciences, Nanomedicine.

Prof (Dr) Rajendran has done the pioneer work in nanotechnology related to Homeopathic ultra-high dilutions and high potencies. He is the first scientist to discover the presence of nanoparticles of the original drug substance in ultra-high dilutions above 200C. He has published many papers in international peer reviewed journals. His publications include the fundamental research findings and clinical papers on Cancers and dermatological conditions like Molluscum contagiosum.

Mr Ty Bollinger recently interviewed Prof Rajendran for the “Truth about cancer” series, which was released worldwide on 10th April 2019. Ty says ‘I have never heard such scientific truths’.


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Services offered

Dr Rajendran is available in Cochin, India at his clinic for highly specialized consultation for patients suffering from any type of chronic illnesses like skin diseases, auto immune disorders, blood related diseases, geriatric problems, female disorders including infertility, GIT disorders, Cancers, paediatric disorders like autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and Cerebral palsy. He is a renowned expert in the management of patients in advanced cancers. He is available for home visits for patients unable to travel for consultation. For all chronic patients initial consultation will require one to two hours.

Online Consultation

Dr Rajendran is also providing online consultation for patients anywhere in the world. Currently he treats patients from four continents.

Recent Events

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4th ICIO(International conference on integrative Oncology), Kochi

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Speech during TTAC conference Anaheim California

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Interview with Ty Bollinger on truth about Cancer