Prof(Dr). E S Rajendran

MD(Hom) PhD

Dr.Michael Faraday(1791-1867)
founder of Nanoscience​

Dr.Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843)
Founder of Homeopathy

Discovered nanoparticles in all ultra-high dilutions of homeopathic drugs (Centesimal 6C-CM and LM scale LM1-LM30) prepared from metals, minerals, plants, nosodes, imponderabilia like X-ray, combination drugs and patents and established for the first time that Homeopathy is a material science and an personalized nanomedicine

Philosophy of Medicine- I

Medicine is considered to be the most dynamic of biological sciences. But the world of modern medicine is facing many new challenges with the failure of antibiotics to elicit the desired results in treating infectious diseases on one side and its consistent therapeutic failure to cure innumerable chronic diseases on the other. Technological advancements springing from the evolution of Physics, Chemistry and other sciences support the growth of modern medicine in the Allopathic system. The progress of these sciences are very rapid, whereas there is a virtual stagnation in the field of therapeutic medicine.

In the process of scientific evolution the greatly acclaimed Cartesian mechanistic model is making way for the realities thrown up by Nanoscience and the related technology. Now we realize that there is a clear and subtle world present in the nanorealms.

Difference between Gross matter and Subtle matter - II

Nanoscience and nanotechnology accept and realize that particles smaller than the size of 100 nanometer (a nanometer is a billionth of a meter) possess properties entirely different from that of particles of larger size. They are capable of showing new chemical and physical properties absent in particles of bigger dimensions. It is observed that these particles smaller than a critical size have different electronic structure, conductivity, reactivity, melting temperature and mechanical properties.

Hahnemann and the concept of nano medicine - III

Homeopathic system of therapeutics was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1790. In the ensuing four decades he developed it into a clear therapeutic approach with a special method of preparation of medicines by diluting and shaking the medicinal solution in a fixed and systematic order. The products are called Homeopathic medicinal potencies. These medicinal potencies are the basis of Homeopathic drug action. The nature of drugs in potencies and their therapeutic action was a major mystery in the world of medicine. The recent advent of Nanoscience and related technology with the advanced electron microscopy are capable of changing all the past perceptions about Homeopathy and its drug actions. The present study establishes that homeopathic drug solutions are not mere placebo liquid but an unlimited source of nanoparticles and quantum dots derived from the original drug substance. This clearly shows that Homeopathy all along, since Dr. Hahnemann has been nothing but “nanomedicine.”

Science behind Hanemann's discoveries - IV

Revealing this secret, Homeopathy takes away not only the misgivings about this science but also opens up unlimited possibilities of exploring the medical science. Besides, this demands a new look into the human ‘body – mind’ duality which has always been a baffling enigma to the philosophers and scientists. A new vision must emerge, that a human being is not just a mechanistic being as envisaged in Cartesian model and viewed under the scales of biochemistry and cellular pathology; deep inside, he lives with a dimension attached to pure forms of energy, to a world constituted by nanoparticles, quantum dots and many more subtler forms. This, in fact, can be the truth, we have been groping for.

Contributions of Dr.E S Rajendran - V

The book nanodynamics is an outcome of my research work on Homeopathic drug potencies. I deeply felt the need for modifying the molecular perception of medical science by further pondering over the subtler realms of nanoparticle, thereby, enriching the medical science and Homeopathy in particular. I hope the findings highlighted in this book shall stimulate further studies in medicine and human biology and also encourage the much needed interdisciplinary research in the branches of science like Chemistry, Physics, Nanoscience and Medicine.

During my study, I realized that the oft-repeated and famous statement of Feynman, “There is plenty of room at the bottom” is true in every sense. Moreover, I think that there is ample scope for further scientific development to the next stage of nanolevel.

Human body being a biologically arranged nanosystem, it would be just and practical if the therapeutic methods are in consonance with this biological system, for the speedy treatment and cure of diseases. Further it would bring a drastic change, perhaps a revolution in the world of medical science and would be a great blessing to the entire humanity as well. Hence, the need for further concerted efforts from scientists and researchers to bring into light the true nature of human health and diseases and prescribe suitable medication on the basis of realities of nanosciences. I foresee a new dawn in the entire area of therapeutic wisdom.

The complexity of human organism is amazing. The forces of Universe like time, space, gravitation etc. may ever remain as unknown secrets of the external world. Human organism, being the object and subject of the study of medical world, is capable of throwing up unprecedented surprises. We pass our days of life understanding very little about the world.

As a student of medicine, I never wanted to be confined to the limits prescribed by the historical teachings and the prejudices of the present. My enquiries into the logical and philosophical reasoning of Homeopathy have been substantiated in my earlier works like 1) New lights – Lectures on Homeopathy and Philosophy 2) The nucleus – Lectures on chronic diseases and miasms. As I have mentioned in the introduction to the New lights, my thoughts were always revolving around the discovery of Dr. Hahnemann, i.e. potentisation, which, I firmly believed, was the most important scientific discovery by him. His unique method of preparation of medicine – potentisation – which provoked the critics to question the scientific nature of Homeopathy, will be the actual reason for the renaissance of Homeopathy and will have a profound influence on the future course of sciences like Medicine and Chemistry.

Theory of Vital force - A conjecture of Hahnemann - VI

Dr. Hahnemann hypothesized that potentisation brought out the hidden spiritual powers of the drugs. In the limited scientific knowledge of 18th century this provided the basis for Hahnemann to drive through the unknown fields of his discovery. His tentative explanations never reduced the value of this great discovery. In fact, science was not equipped enough to evaluate his discovery.

Modern Microscopic Technologies - VII

The ray of hope emanated only after the installation of electron microscope in 1939. Various forms of electron microscope like modified TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope), SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) and STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope) evolved in the next few decades. This important discovery and evolution of electron microscope did not do much service to Homeopathy due to various reasons. The secret of Nanoscience in Medicine was first revealed in 1960 by Richard Feynman in his visionary and prophetic lecture at a meeting of the American Physical Society. He rightly recognized that, biological systems have been making nanometer functional devices since the beginning of life. He pointed out this to emphasize that there was much to learn from biology about how to build nanostructural devices.

The study was conducted with HRTEM and EDS (High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) in cases of drug potencies derived from metallic and mineral sources and FESEM and EDS (Field Emission Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) on drugs derived from vegetable kingdom and nosodes. The details of this study and the conclusions derived consequently are elaborated in this book.

Biological systems - A nanoscale reality - VIII

Now it is clear that biological systems have nanodimensional reality operating behind cellular and gross biochemical plane and the highest possibility is that Homeopathic potentised drugs which are proved to be in nanoscale and quantum dots are operating behind the level of operation of biochemical medicines of conventional medical science. In my research work I have done studies with 130+ samples of Homeopathic drugs and their potencies. Drugs are chosen from all major sources like vegetable kingdom, mineral kingdom, metals and nosodes. All the commonly used potencies in clinical practice are included in the study. To evaluate the characteristic difference between the two scales of potencies used by Dr Hahnemann both centesimal scale and 50 millesimal scale are studied simultaneously. Drug combinations which are considered as anathema by the so called classical homeopaths are also studied and evaluated in a neutral perspective.

Homeopathy established as a nanomedicine - IX

The studies show that all homeopathic drugs of all scales of potencies from the lowest to the highest contain nanoparticles/quantum dots. This study conclusively set aside all skepticism about homeopathic drugs and their therapeutic efficacy. I hope this work will enhance the credibility of Homeopathy as a therapeutic method. Also, I sincerely believe that the results of this study will generate sufficient steam and energy for further research in medical science to achieve higher levels of therapeutic accuracy and to reduce thereby the suffering of the sick.The 14 drugs studied under HRTEM cover 65 samples and the 16 drugs studied under FESEM cover 58 samples. I think the extensive studies done using so many samples are sufficient to establish the nanoscale realities of homeopathic potencies.

Conclusion - Homeopathy a personalized nanomedicine - X

Recent research reveals that 1.Nanoparticles are formed during process of homeopathic drug potentization
2.Homeopathic drug potencies have impact on epigenetic programming in the genetic system, leading to the cure of diseases
3.Homeopathic drug proving on healthy human being's produces transient signs and symptoms
4.Homeopathic prescriptions are based on the individual characteristic signs and symptoms of the patient rather than the clinical diagnosis, and hence medication is highly personalized